Grodno, Slavinsky, 8
    230026 Republic of Belarus


The company with additional liability "KAMISA" was established in 2006.

 ALC "KAMISA" is one of the most successful manufacturers of bedding in the Republic of Belarus. The enterprise dynamically develops, improves quality and raises the quantity of products.

In production, we use new technologies and constantly expand the existing product line to meet the needs of the customer and quickly adapt to changing demand.

In its work, ALC "KAMISA" company is guided by the highest European quality standards, successfully applying the most advanced foreign technologies.


"KAMISA" is a successful combination of European quality and affordable prices.

Our products are distinguished by high quality of tailoring, original and practical design. All our products (sets of bed linens, pillows, blankets) pass mandatory certification and state hygienic registration.

During the time of work in the Belarusian textile market, the company has formed a circle of regular customers both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.



What do we expect from bedding, so that the sleep is comfortable, pleasant and healthy?

And what do we offer?

affordable prices for the entire range

We are a manufacturer of bedding and home textiles, so our high quality products are sold at an affordable price

a wide range of

Our assortment includes pillows and blankets, mattresses, bed linen sets, terry towels, quilted linens, sleeping bags, etc.

quality materials

Our company makes bedding from natural fabrics (100% cotton): satin, coarse calico, poplin, jacquard, and also from such polyester fabrics as microfiber

modern design

We strive to keep abreast of current trends and developments, therefore we offer consumers the latest design developments

hypoallergenic filler

In the production of pillows and blankets, we use flax, "swan feather", as well as a "STEPPLFEIBER"

compliance with deadlines and flexibility

The key to our successful partnership with Belarusian and international companies is strict compliance with the terms, flexibility and ability to respond quickly to customer requests