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    230026 Republic of Belarus

31.01.2018 10:30 A.M


The products of ALC "KAMISA" were tested in Germany for compliance with the international certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

 Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is the most significant environmental standard, the universal World system for testing and certification of textile products, confirming the absence of substances harmful to human health. Textile products can be certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 only if all the components of the product (upper fabric, sewing thread, gaskets, gaskets, non-textile accessories) meet the required criteria without exception.

All products are tested for content in materials prohibited in many countries for azo-amine dyes, formaldehydes, pentachlorophenols, cadmium, nickel (harmful substances for humans), as well as control over compliance with the tolerances and safety standards of numerous chemicals used in manufacturing processes and finished products.

The company producing bedding and household textiles ALC "KAMISA" passed all the tests and became the owner of this certificate.

Oeko-Tex, confirming the quality of our products - guarantee your safety

18.01.2018 09:16 A.M


Grodno enterprise ALC "KAMISA" with its products is pleased consumers for more than 10 years.. And every year the assortment expands, new technologies are introduced. The products of the "KAMISA" trademark are presented today from budget models from inexpensive materials to premium products from high-quality, high-value materials. And this allowed us to attract new markets.

- Recently we signed a contract with the Danish company JYSK, whose trading network covers the whole of Europe - this means not only a large-scale access to the western market, but also an increase in production volumes by one third. Representatives of the company visited Belarus and visited many companies in search of partners. His choice was stopped by us. JYSK has strict requirements to the quality of products, and we can satisfy them. We will use more expensive and high-quality fabrics - jacquard, teak, satin and "swan feather" as a filler, - said director of ALC "KAMISA" Heinrich Rabtsevich.

- By the way, the company opened its stores in Minsk and Brest, and in the future plans to expand trade in other cities of the Republic of Belarus. The company plans to open stores in all regional centers of Belarus and not only. Also sent a trial lot to Romania. As before, the products of the trade mark "KAMISA" are being successfully sold in Russia and Kazakhstan.

18.01.2018 09:38 A.M


"KAMISA" - one of the most common and recognizable brands, under which high quality bedding is manufactured. Recently, the company has mastered new types of products. Among the novelties are road cushions, terry dressing gowns, sleeping bags, a new kind of filler with the use of Belarusian-made flax, and "swan feathers".

To the Belarusian market ALC "KAMISA" offers products in different price range. To the World Hockey Championship performed a large order for 4 and 5-star hotels, which required quality bedding, bedding and towels of the best quality. And in many domestic health resorts they prefer the trade mark "KAMISA".

As the long experience of cooperation has shown, bed linen, towels and terry bathrobes, which are washed there much more often than at home, and are processed at high temperatures, do not lose their appearance after long-term use.

 - But for themselves, Belarusians mostly prefer products in the middle price range. These are inexpensive, but high-quality fabrics of our Belarusian producer - the Baranovichi cotton production association. Many appreciated jacquard satin: soft, pleasant to the touch and practical in everyday use. Compared with the bazar, it is more durable. True, the price is slightly higher. In the near future, we plan to expand the line of bed linen from satin, - said Heinrich Rabtsevich.

- Relatively recently we offered our consumer a new modern material - microfiber, which is used in Europe for sewing pillows and blankets. It is a soft, pleasant to the touch fabric, which does not require special care in use. Thanks to this material, it was possible to significantly reduce the cost of manufactured products for our customers. In general, we can say that we meet the needs of clients of different prosperity: there are expensive premium materials, and there is something more budgetary. But in any case we do everything qualitatively: a person has paid as much as he can afford, and believes that he will receive a good thing. We can not fail our buyer.

To the credit of the enterprise management, even in a difficult economic situation, not only do they not reduce staff, but even opened several new vacancies. The collective is stable, and all the achievements, Heinrich Rabtsevich is sure, is the result of the common work:

– We have a strong team that is making progress: the sales department headed by Alexey Kakulin, the accounting department headed by Angela Klischina, production sites that have been headed by the same chiefs of production for many years. Everyone tries, everyone is in his place. And in the end we get high-quality products, which conquer the market.