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We offer you blankets of your own production of various classes and price categories.

Light, warm and fluffy - that's how you can describe a blanket of the trade mark "KAMISA". Cozy, gently enveloping the body, it will certainly become a companion to your dreams. 

According to the density of the filler, quilted blankets (in assortment by size) are divided into:

 summer (ODL) -200 g / m2 (density of filler in the product)

 normal (ODN) - 300 gr / m2

 heavy (ODT) - 400 gr / m2

Blankets of the ECO-STANDART "FLAX" group are distinguished by their naturalness and utility due to the use of flax fibers in products.

Ecological filler - flax - highly hygroscopic, absorbs dripping moisture well and simultaneously gives it away quickly. Flax fibers do not generate static electricity charges, and the degree of polymerization of flax pulp is 2-3 times higher than that of cotton, so it is much stronger and produces more washings. Inaddition, flax as bactericidal properties.

We are pleased to offer you quilted blankets made of bamboo fiber (viscose). Bamboo fiber is distinguished by its strength, hypoallergenicity, softness and silkiness.

According to the density of the filler, quilted blankets of bamboo fiber correspond to normal (ODN) - 300 g / m2.

We are pleased to offer you a group of "KAMISA - EXCLUSIVE", which includes quilted blankets with a top of fabric - satin and jacquard. Such products are distinguished by the quality of materials, convenience and exclusive design.

According to the density of the filler, quilted blankets of this group correspond to normal (ODN) - 300 g / m2.

The top of fabric in these products is traditional in the design of quilted blankets, Spunbond (50 g / m2) non-woven material, which allows to save considerably on the purchased products without loss of quality.

The density of the filler corresponds to normal (ODN) - 300 g / m2.

In the blankets of this group we use the material produced by our company - a non-woven bulk fiber made of polyester fiber (a modern synthepone analogue in which no harmful adhesives and emulsions are used, and fastening of the fibers is done by thermal bonding).

The density of the filler corresponds to normal (ODN) - 300 g / m2.

Quilted quilted blanket with "swans down" filler is light and soft. "Swan down" is antibacterial and does not cause allergies. In addition, blankets with this filler do not require special care - they can be washed in a washing machine at temperatures up to 40 ° C.

The density of the filler corresponds to normal (ODN) - 300 g / m2.