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We suggest that you get acquainted with the STEPPLFIBER heater we produce in the form of quilted cloths for the production of clothes, overalls, sleeping bags and blankets, as well as "balls" for the production of pillows and elements of upholstered furniture.

Quilted cloth

Filler in balls

Synthetic fluff


Also we offer to your attention a new kind of production of own manufacture - a cloth thermally bonded (sinthepone).

Rolls are packed in polyethylene packaging. At the request of the customer, the material can be vacuumed. It is possible to make canvases by order of special sizes and parameters.

Synthepone in rolls

The material is used in the garment industry, the production of home textiles (blankets, pillows), upholstered furniture and mattresses, as a heater for outerwear, shoes or as a filter material. Synthepone has a bulk structure, high strength, sufficient softness. He is characterized by excellent physical and mechanical properties:

 high thermal insulation

 good drape

 homogeneity of the canvas

 improved recoverability

The production of this material is made from Korean high-quality synthetic fiber on Italian equipment.

The surface density can be from 80 to 500 g / m2.

The width of the produced synthepone is from 150 to 350 cm, winding in rolls from 30 to 75 m, depending on the density of the web.


We present to your attention new items produced by ALC "KAMISA":

Voluminous non-woven fabric siliconeized (CHOLKON)

Voluminous non-woven fabric "BAMBOO", "EUCALYPTUS"

Voluminous non-woven fabric "FLAX"

The ratio of bamboo, eucalyptus, linen fiber is 30% to 70% polyester in the nonwoven bulk fabric.

At the request of the customer, it is possible to produce a nonwoven bulk fabric ("bamboo", "eucalyptus", "flax") of different proportions. All kinds of non-woven bulk fabric can be manufactured in various densities and widths.


The new generation of "swan feather" filler for pillows and blankets is a highly developed polyester siliconized fiber. In the process of production, the finest fiber acquires a highly developed structure - each fiber is spirally twisted and treated with silicone to enhance consumer properties and increase wear resistance.

Filler "swan feather"

Polyester filler "swan feather" is durable, does not absorb foreign smells, hypoallergenic. In products with this filler, rot and insects do not appear.

"Swan feather " is unusual for its lightness and softness, as well as products made from natural fluff.

In addition, products with "swan feather" filler are easy to operate and less demanding in care compared to products with natural fillers. One of the undoubted advantages of products from this material is the possibility of washing in a gentle temperature regime up to 40 ° C.

 lightness. For ease and weightlessness, the material is comparable to its natural counterpart.

 hypoallergenicity. Artificial "swan feather" does not cause allergies and its use is not contraindicated to allergic people.

 antibacterial. It does not contain dust mites, fungi and mold, as polyester is not a favorable environment for their life.

 ease of care. Products filled with "swan feather" can be washed in a washing machine at temperatures up to 40 ° C. The material does not require special storage and operation conditions.

 free air circulation through the filler and high thermal insulation properties.

 no odors. The filler does not have its own smell and does not absorb foreign flavors.

 artificial "swan feather" as a filler does not get out through a pillowcase or lining.