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We offer to your attention visual patterns of canvases. The pattern of stitches can be at the choice of the Customer.

Thermal bonding

Stitch tissues with the help of ultrasound every day is increasingly used in light industry.

Due to short production times, the possibility of working with small orders, in no way inferior to the appearance of products and functionality, the thermo-stitch is in many cases more profitable than the thread stitches.

The manufacture of quilted cloth using thermo-bonding technology is carried out on quilting machines Ultrasonic.

The starting materials must contain at least 65% of the synthetic fiber.

Thread stitch

Along with the stitch by the method of thermal bonding, our company produces thread stitch on numerous multi-needle equipment.

Manufacture of quilted cloths on multi-needle technology is carried out on German and Italian quilting machines with computer control.