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We have not neglected our customers, who often travel, go on hikes, visit tourist rallies and lead an active lifestyle.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag from "KAMISA" is a product designed to effectively protect the body from hypothermia during sleep. In it, as a thermal insulation material, a thermosetting volume of 250 g / m2 is used. Top - polyester fabric, inner fabric 100% cotton - excellent for direct contact with the body.

The comfort temperature is +7 ° C.

The temperature is extreme +1 ° C.

The weight of the product, depending on the model range, is 1.5-1.9 kg.

A travel pillow

The purpose is in the title ...

A travel pillow from the "KAMISA"company allows you to make your dream on the road or on a journey healthy and strong. Fabric top - calico 100% cotton. As the filler is used polyester siliconized fiber "STEYPLFIBER" - "balls".

Different color options are available.

Vendor code / The sizes

sleeping bag:

BK-70 / 205h70 cm - without hood

BK-80 / 205h80 cm - without hood

BK-90 / 205h90 cm - without hood

SK-70 / 218x70 cm - with a hood

SK-80 / 218x80 cm - with hood

SK-90 / 218x90 cm - with a hood

SP-70 / 218x70 cm - with a head restraint

SP-80 / 218x80 cm - with a headrest

SP-90 / 218x90 cm - with a head restraint

a travel pillow


pillow roller


Pillow roller

Vendor code / The sizes

PDr.W2 - 45*15 см

Top fabric - 100% cotton, calico,
Filling - 100% polyester, siliconized fiber "balls".

The pillow roll 45x15 cm is a multifunctional pillow that allows you to take the most comfortable position during sleep. The pillow can be placed under the lower back, back, placed under the head and between the knees.

The pillow has a cotton cover that allows air to pass through while keeping the pillow dry and fresh. Filler - hypoallergenic, PE spherical fiber.