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Dahmen Quilttronic

Manufacture of quilted cloth on multi-needle technology is carried out on German quilting machines with computer control Dahmen Quilttronic.

Quilting machines Dahmen Quilttronic have the following main characteristics:

 The stitching process is controlled by the computer, which makes it possible to produce a variety of patterns and achieve the maximum quality of the quilted fabric.

 It is possible to load your own pattern templates, designed according to the customer's model, into the machine control computer.

 Dahmen Quilttronic is the ideal machine for stitching mattress fabrics, blankets, and garment elements.


The manufacture of quilted cloth by thermal cutting technology is carried out on quilting machines Ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic quilting machines have the following main characteristics:

 The quilting process is performed by a method of soldering the raw materials by ultrasound.

 The raw materials must contain at least 65% of the synthetic fiber.

 Thermo-stitching provides an original pattern in the absence of a threaded seam.

 Ultrasonic is the ideal machine for making quilted fabric covers and bed sets.